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Looking for a solicitor here in Woolwich  we are specialists in employment law, deformation law, family law, consumer law and housing law matters. We offer bespoke, proactive and supportive services to our clients. We know that to be successful you need solicitors that are experts in their fields. We aim to work with you for your success. As a pioneering law firm we deliver a seamless high-quality and dependable legal services whenever you need us.

We endeavour to maintain a level of professionalism to communicate with our customers in a language they can understand. Enabling us to deliver a service that both parties understand and are very transparent as to what you will be getting. The following are our seven key points in our customer service commitment.

  1. Make sure the correct person is dealing with your case that has the relevant knowledge.
  2. Ensure that your needs and securities are the uppermost priorities when pursuing a case on your behalf.
  3. Respond to any enquiries you may have in a prompt and efficient manner.
  4. Supply to you; a personal Customer Service operative available for your consultation and to give you an independent viewpoint.
  5. Provide you with no nonsense straight forward and accurate information about your case.
  6. Keep you updated on all relevant points ascertaining to your case and be available for any enquiries
  7. We keep all your details in accordance with data protection act. Your data is safe with us, and we promise not to sell, trade or divulge any information to unrelated third parties, ever.

Our pledge to you.

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